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Best Bankruptcy Forms

Best Bankruptcy Forms

The Best Way to Prepare & E-File Bankruptcies Without Breaking You

If you are an attorney searching for a low cost alternative to other bankruptcy preparation software, you should check out Best Bankruptcy Forms. The forms are interactive bankruptcy forms that will save attorneys time and money. The forms come complete with a case upload file to prevent attorneys from having to enter debtor information and statistical data on CM/ECF. The interactive forms will ask a series of questions in an interview, and will merge the data into the forms, and then will send the form to Adobe Acrobat where it can be saved in PDF Format. The forms will work in all the states and comes complete with a Common Creditor Database, an Exemptions Database, and Means Testing Data. A free trial is available. I know all of this because I developed the forms myself


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World's Dumbest, and One of the Smartest, Drunk Drivers

The Stupid Drunk Drivers Wish They had been Schooled by the Master

The 2015 Memorial Day weekend resulted in many DWI arrests in the State of New York. The NY State Police alone arrested 187 People for DWI over the Memorial Day weekend.

These holiday DWI dragnets often yield a crop of the most stupid drunk drivers similar to those that follow.

The Dumb Ones

First there is the guy in Florida that was arrested for DUI because he had a serious itch that he could not scratch. Even the cops had a hard time maintaining their composure.

Second, you have the guy in Arkansas that compliments the cops for getting guys like him off the street.

Third, you have the woman in Texas that says that she is not drunk but has a little problem saying the alphabet.

The Master

If you were looking for an idea about how you should act after being pulled over for DWI check out this two part video of the master. This guys truck was stopped in the middle of the road on a busy street in Portland Oregon. The cops were called to the scene based on a suspicious person report. Notice how he artfully evades the cops questions until one of them gives up.

PART 1      PART 2



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Vince's Law | 3rd DWI |DWI Lawyer Buffalo NY

Vince's Law, Three-Strike DWI Law

 Vince's Law | DWI lawyer buffalo NY

Governor Cuomo signed Vince's Law on August 1, 2014. Vince's Law took effect in November of 2014. Vince's Law will increase the penalties for three time DWI offenders when all of the convictions occurred on or after the enactment of the law.

The bill is named after Vincent Russo, an elderly Onondaga County man, who was killed by a drunk driver that had five prior alcohol related driving convictions. The convictions had occurred mostly within a 17 year period before the accident that killed Mr. Russo.

Currently (regardless of Vince's Law), if an individual is charged with a second DWI within ten years of the first DWI conviction, it constitutes an E felony. Once a DWI conviction becomes ten years old it no longer counts as a predicate conviction for a second DWI.

However, Vince's Law expands the penalties for an individual that has a third DWI conviction within a fifteen year period regardless if the second DWI conviction was charged as a misdemeanor. Therefore, a third DWI within fifteen years, will be charged as a D Felony which carries up to a $10,000 fine and up to 7 years in state prison.

see Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1193


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New York Point System |Traffic Violations | Traffic Ticket Lawyer Buffalo NY

DMV Points - Traffic Ticket Lawyer, Buffalo NY

How Many Points do you have on your NY Driver's License?

Speeding - MPH over speed limit not indicated - 3
Speeding - 1 - 10 MPH over speed limit - 3
Speeding - 11 - 20 MPH over speed limit - 4
Speeding - 21 - 30 MPH over speed limit - 6
Speeding - 31 - 40 MPH over speed limit - 8
Speeding - 40 or more MPH over speed limit - 11
Cell Phone use with no hands-free device - 5
Using an electronic Devise or Texting - 5
Reckless driving - 5
Failing to stop for a school bus - 5
Inadequate brakes - 4
Following too closely - 4
Passing improperly- 3
Changing lanes unsafely - 3
Driving to the left of center- 3
Driving in the wrong direction - 3
Failing to obey a traffic signal - 3
Failing to obey a Stop sign, or a Yield sign - 3
Railroad crossing violation - 3
Failing to yield the right-of-way - 3
Passenger safety violation, seat belts, child safety seats, or passengers under age sixteen - 3
Left the scene of an accident that includes property damage or the injury of a domestic animal - 3
Other moving violations - 2
Inadequate brakes (vehicle of an employer) - 2

When will points cause my license to be suspended or revoked?

If you receive 11 points or more in eighteen (18) months (calculated from date of violation), the DMV will suspend your driver license.

The DMV must revoke your driver license if you are convicted of three speeding violations within an 18-month period no matter how many points you have.

When will a Revocation cause me to lose my License for life because I am repeat DWI offender (even if you did not get revoked for another DWI)?

Lifetime Lookback

What Do Tickets Actually Cost

Your insurance rates may increase. For Instance, If you are convicted for a speeding violation, your insurer may tack a temporary charge on your insurance policy for three years. Your rate could increase as much as 25% depending on the circumstances.

New York also added a new surcharge of $100 per year for three years if you get six points, plus $25 per year for each additional point.

Fees for Representation

Most VTL violations can be handled for a fee of $200.00 - $350.00, excluding fines, without the client's appearance in court.

Need a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

If you need a Traffic Violations Lawyer please call 716-656-7676 for a free phone consultation or CLICK HERE for a free web consultation.


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How To Find The Right Small Business Lawyer | Small Business Lawyer Buffalo NY

Choosing a Small Business Lawyer in Buffalo NY

How Do You Find the Right Small Business Lawyer?

If you own or intend to start a small business, you are probably going to need a lawyer. A small-business lawyer can help you start your business, review proposed leases, and negotiate and prepare contracts.

If you intend to do business in New York you are probably aware that New York has plenty of taxes and regulations. A small business attorney can help you understand what regulations apply to your business, and help you comply with those regulations.

You should also consult with a small business lawyer to decide what type of business formation best suits your needs. For example, whether you will form a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or Not for Profit Corporation.

Although most lawyers can do the legal work it may be difficult to find the right lawyer for you and your business.

Consider the Following When Choosing Your Lawyer:

1) Time and Attention - If a lawyer does not seem to have time for you, he or she will not give you the attention you need. But be prepared to pay for his time.

2) Understanding of your Business - Every small business is different so you need a lawyer willing to learn about your business. Different businesses have different problems and different needs.

3) Understanding of Potential Problems - Your lawyer should be able to explain what problems you may encounter and explain how to avoid them or minimize the risk.

4) Communication - Your lawyer should be ready, willing and able to explain even the most complex legal situation in terms you can understand.

5) Affordable Fees - Before you hire a lawyer, make sure you understand his or her fee system. Ask about fees for specific jobs, such as drawing up legal documents.

6) Personality - You should like your lawyer and be comfortable with his or her advise. He or she should also be a good match. For instance, if you are the type that does not pay close attention to detail, find a lawyer that does.

Need a Small Business Lawyer?

If you need a Small Business Lawyer please call (716)-656-7676 for a free consultation or CLICK HERE for a free web consultation. I will let you know what services I can provide, and the cost.

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