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Stepparent Adoption | Buffalo NY Adoption Lawyer

Adopting Your Stepchild, Adoption Lawyer Buffalo NY

What is Stepparent Adoption in New York State?

Stepparent adoption in New York is the adoption of a spouse's child by a stepparent. The adopting stepparent must be willing to assume financial and legal responsibility for the child and also agree to release the non-spouse biological parent of their parental responsibilities.

Does the non-spouse biological parent have to consent to the adoption?

New York law requires that the child's parents both consent to the adoption, unless:

1) The parent has failed to visit and communicate with the child for six months.
2) The parent is mentally ill or mentally retarded and is unable to care for the child.
3) The parent has surrendered to an authorized agency under social services law.
4) The parent's child has had a guardian appointed under social services law.
5) The parent has executed an instrument, which is irrevocable, denying the paternity of the child.

Does the Child have to Consent to the Adoption?

New York Law requires the consent of children over fourteen years of age, unless the judge or surrogate in his or her discretion dispenses with such consent.

Will the non-spouse biological parent be required to pay child support in the future?

Once the adoption is final the former parent will no longer be required to pay child support, but will continue to be responsible for arrears in child support.

Will a new Birth Certificate be issued for the child?

Yes, although it takes a while to update the birth certificate with the new parents.

How much does it cost?

Court Fees in Erie County:
Investigator (Homestudy) - $400.00
Transcript - Approximately $30.00 per child

Attorney Fee:
Range $750.00 - $1500.00 per child (depends on the circumstances).

Need an Adoption Lawyer?

If you need an Adoption Lawyer please call (716)-656-7676 for a free phone counsultation or click HERE for a free web consultation. The first consultation is always free, and you will always speak directly to Stephen K. Underwood, the Buffalo NY Adoption Lawyer.


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