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Living Will NY | Buffalo NY Wills & Estates Lawyer


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Living Will NY | Buffalo NY Wills & Estates Lawyer

Make a Living Will, Living Will Lawyer Buffalo NY

The Terry Schiavo case demonstrates that the failure to execute a living will and health care proxy, can break families apart, cause long-lasting feuds, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, involve legal wrangles that last for years and mean quite literally the difference between life and death.

Advances in medical technology have caused some patients to be kept alive by artificial means. Sometimes a patient may desire to undergo such treatment because it is thought to be a temporary measure hopefully leading to the restoration of health. In other circumstances such treatment may be undesirable because it only prolongs the inevitable death.

Who Decides?

Each person by law has the personal right to decide whether to institute, continue or terminate such treatment, so long as he or she is competent and can be consulted. When a patient however, has lost the capacity to communicate, the situation is dire without a Living Will.

Although New York has no living will statute, state and federal case law establishes the right for a patient's wishes to be respected, so long as those wishes are known. New York law requires clear and convincing evidence of what the patient would want under the circumstances. The Living Will therefore provides the vehicle for making the patient's wishes known.

How much does it cost?

Attorney Fee:
Range $150.00 - $250.00 (depends on the circumstances.)

Need a Living Will?

If you need a Living Will please call (716)-656-7676 for a free phone consultation or CLICK HERE for a free web consultation. The first consultation is always free, and you will always speak directly to Stephen K. Underwood.

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