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How To Find The Right Small Business Lawyer | Small Business Lawyer Buffalo NY

Choosing a Small Business Lawyer in Buffalo NY

How Do You Find the Right Small Business Lawyer?

If you own or intend to start a small business, you are probably going to need a lawyer. A small-business lawyer can help you start your business, review proposed leases, and negotiate and prepare contracts.

If you intend to do business in New York you are probably aware that New York has plenty of taxes and regulations. A small business attorney can help you understand what regulations apply to your business, and help you comply with those regulations.

You should also consult with a small business lawyer to decide what type of business formation best suits your needs. For example, whether you will form a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership, or Not for Profit Corporation.

Although most lawyers can do the legal work it may be difficult to find the right lawyer for you and your business.

Consider the Following When Choosing Your Lawyer:

1) Time and Attention - If a lawyer does not seem to have time for you, he or she will not give you the attention you need. But be prepared to pay for his time.

2) Understanding of your Business - Every small business is different so you need a lawyer willing to learn about your business. Different businesses have different problems and different needs.

3) Understanding of Potential Problems - Your lawyer should be able to explain what problems you may encounter and explain how to avoid them or minimize the risk.

4) Communication - Your lawyer should be ready, willing and able to explain even the most complex legal situation in terms you can understand.

5) Affordable Fees - Before you hire a lawyer, make sure you understand his or her fee system. Ask about fees for specific jobs, such as drawing up legal documents.

6) Personality - You should like your lawyer and be comfortable with his or her advise. He or she should also be a good match. For instance, if you are the type that does not pay close attention to detail, find a lawyer that does.

Need a Small Business Lawyer?

If you need a Small Business Lawyer please call (716)-656-7676 for a free consultation or CLICK HERE for a free web consultation. I will let you know what services I can provide, and the cost.

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Categories: Small Business

Mechanics Lien Procedure | Small Business Lawyer Buffalo NY

How to Get a Mechanics Lien, Mechanics Lien Lawyer Buffalo NY

Although most contractors are aware that disputes with a homeowner can result in frustration, annoyance, and nonpayment, many contractors are unaware that they can file a lien against the homeowner's property. Such a lien, called a mechanic's lien in New York, can make it hard or impossible for a homeowner to sell the property while the lien is in place and may even enable the contractor to institute a foreclosure proceeding against the homeowner.

When should a contractor file a mechanics lien?

A mechanic's lien must be filed within eight (8) months from the last date labor or materials were provided; four (4) months if the property is a single family home.

What if the general contractor was paid?

If a subcontractor files a mechanic's lien against the homeowner and the general contractor had been paid, the homeowner will have a defense against the mechanics lien. The solution is for the subcontractor to file a mechanic's lien while doing the work or as soon as a problem is detected.

What kind of improvements must be made before a mechanic's lien can be filed?

The improvements must be permanent in nature. A mechanic's lien will not attach where materials are supplied for a temporary improvement.

How long is the mechanic's lien effective?

A New York mechanic's lien is effective for one year from the date of filing, unless an action is commenced during that period to perfect the lien.

How much does it cost to file the Lien?

Attorney Fee: $450.00 (does not include the cost of perfecting the lien.)

Filing Fee:$15.00

Need a Mechanics Lien?

If you need a Mechanic's Lien please call (716)-656-7676 for a free phone consultation or CLICK HERE for a free web consultation. The first consultation is always free, and you will always speak directly to Stephen K. Underwood.


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