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World's Dumbest, and One of the Smartest, Drunk Drivers


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World's Dumbest, and One of the Smartest, Drunk Drivers

The Stupid Drunk Drivers Wish They had been Schooled by the Master

The 2015 Memorial Day weekend resulted in many DWI arrests in the State of New York. The NY State Police alone arrested 187 People for DWI over the Memorial Day weekend.

These holiday DWI dragnets often yield a crop of the most stupid drunk drivers similar to those that follow.

The Dumb Ones

First there is the guy in Florida that was arrested for DUI because he had a serious itch that he could not scratch. Even the cops had a hard time maintaining their composure.

Second, you have the guy in Arkansas that compliments the cops for getting guys like him off the street.

Third, you have the woman in Texas that says that she is not drunk but has a little problem saying the alphabet.

The Master

If you were looking for an idea about how you should act after being pulled over for DWI check out this two part video of the master. This guys truck was stopped in the middle of the road on a busy street in Portland Oregon. The cops were called to the scene based on a suspicious person report. Notice how he artfully evades the cops questions until one of them gives up.

PART 1      PART 2


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