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NY Eviction Forms

Requires at least HotDocs 2006 and wordperfect 8.0 - These are software programs that you must have to use the templates -- THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS IF YOU PURCHASE THE TEMPLATES AND YOU DON'T HAVE THE SOFTWARE NECESSARY TO USE THE TEMPLATES. (NOTE: I do have a MS-Word verson of these templates but you will have to email me for a copy after the purchase)

Free Trial. WordPerfect 8.0 and HotDocs 2006

These HotDocs templates will save you and your firm an enormous amount of time and money in the preparation of Eviction Petitions. They save time and money because HotDocs will ask you a series of questions and merge the data into the form in the appropriate location. The answer file on your client can be saved and used over and over again so that you don't have to type any redundant information.

Templates Include the Notice of Eviction Petition, Eviction Petition, Affidavit of Service, Eviction Warrant, Eviction Judgment, and a Backing Template (Blue Back or whatever color of paper you like to use).

These templates are intended to be downloaded by attorneys and their support staff. If you are not an attorney, I strongly suggest that you retain one to protect your legal rights.

The cost for the templates is $25.00-US.

Pay With:


Once your payment is processed you will automatically be redirected to the location where you can download the installation file. You will be given FREE updates* and two weeks of free email technical support from the date of purchase, but I will NOT answer legal questions for non-lawyers** (unless I am retained).

* You will be entitled to Free Updates when available, and I welcome any input you may have to make the forms better. Be advised that there may be some irregularities in document generation that I am unaware. Please email me with a description of the issue and I will do my best to repair it and update you.

** If a non-lawyer purchases the templates I will not give a refund when you figure out that you really do need a lawyer for the eviction. I will however, apply the $25.00 that you already paid to my retainer fee if you choose to retain for me.

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