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Traffic Ticket Lawyer Buffalo New York

Stephen K. Underwood is a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer serving Buffalo, Niagara Falls, West Seneca, Amherst, Depew, Clarence, Cheektowaga, Orchard Park, Angola, Lackawanna, Alden, East Aurora, Boston, Brant, Colden, Collins, Concord, Eden, Grand Island, Hamburg, Holland, Lancaster, Marilla, Newstead, North Collins, Sardina, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Blasdell, Kenmore, and Williamsville.

How Many Points do you have on your NY State Driver's License from Traffic Tickets ?

Speeding - MPH over speed limit not indicated - 3
Speeding - 1 - 10 MPH over speed limit - 3
Speeding - 11 - 20 MPH over speed limit - 4
Speeding - 21 - 30 MPH over speed limit - 6
Speeding - 31 - 40 MPH over speed limit - 8
Speeding - 40 or more MPH over speed limit - 11
Cell Phone use with no hands-free device - 5
Using an electronic Devise or Texting - 5
Reckless driving - 5
Failing to stop for a school bus - 5
Inadequate brakes - 4
Following too closely - 4
Passing improperly- 3
Changing lanes unsafely - 3
Driving to the left of center- 3
Driving in the wrong direction - 3
Failing to obey a traffic signal - 3 Failing to obey a Stop sign, or a Yield sign - 3
Railroad crossing violation - 3
Failing to yield the right-of-way - 3
Passenger safety violation, seat belts, child safety seats, or passengers under age sixteen - 3
Left the scene of an accident that includes property damage or the injury of a domestic animal - 3
Other moving violations - 2
Inadequate brakes (vehicle of an employer) - 2

When will traffic ticket points cause my license to be suspended or revoked?

If you receive 11 points or more in eighteen (18) months (calculated from date of violation), the DMV will suspend your driver license.

The DMV must revoke your driver license if you are convicted of three speeding violations within an 18-month period no matter how many points you have.

When will a Revocation cause me to lose my License for life because I am repeat DWI offender (even if you did not get revoked for another DWI)?

Lifetime Lookback

What Do Traffic Tickets Really Cost

Your insurance rates may increase. For Instance, If you are convicted for a speeding violation, your insurer may tack a temporary charge on your insurance policy for three years. Your rate could increase as much as 25% depending on the circumstances.

New York also added a new surcharge of $100 per year for three years if you get six points, plus $25 per year for each additional point.

Fees for Traffic Ticket Representation

Most VTL violations can be handled for a fee of $200.00 - $350.00, excluding fines, without the client's appearance in court.

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