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name change lawyer buffalo ny

How to Change Your Name or Gender in NY (2022)

A person’s name and gender are important because they are an integral part of self image and ancestry. Sometimes people wish to change their name or gender. Their are three ways...

Category: Name Change

Tags: name change

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Family Court Custody Lawyer Buffalo NY

How to Win Full Custody in NY

In order to win a custody case in Family Court you must meet what is called your burden of proof. The burden of proof in the first custody case before the court is that the parent must show that...

Category: Family Law

Tags: family court, custody

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eviction lawyer buffalo ny

The Eviction Process in New York (2022)

Eviction is a Legal Process. You the landlord CANNOT just call the police and have a tenant thrown out on the street because you want the tenant out. The tenant has the right to due process. There are...

Category: Eviction

Tags: eviction

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dwi lawyer buffalo ny

Third DWI in New York

Governor Cuomo signed Vince's Law on August 1, 2014. Vince's Law took effect in November of 2014. Vince's Law will increase the penalties for three time DWI offenders when all of the convictions occurred on or after the enactment of the law. The bill is named...

Category: DWI

Tags: dwi, repeat dwi offenders

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dwi lawyer buffalo ny

NY DWI Charges Are Serious

If you have been arrested for DWI in Buffalo NY you are going to need an experienced DWI attorney. Regardless of whether your DWI is a felony, you should seek an attorney with criminal law experience, and one that...

Category: DWI

Tags: dwi

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